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4 Success Keys to be Short Video Creator

4 Success Keys to be Short Video Creator

4 Success Keys to becoming Short Video Creator

The content creator is a popular occupation among millennials. However, being a successful content creator is not easy on any social media channel, including short video creation platforms. In making interesting, short videos, content creators are required to be able to create personal images, produce creative and unique videos, and be consistent in uploading content. 4 Success Keys to becoming Short Video Creator.

After mastering the art of creating short videos which attract the attention of many fans, content creators can’t stop there. It is important to bear in mind that anyone can become a content creator, so the competition is tough. Creators must continue to learn and develop to maintain their existence while providing the best for their fans. That is the challenge for content creators to empower themselves and take their videos to the next level. 4 Success Keys to becoming Short Video Creator

If you’re a newbie content creator and want to keep growing, don’t worry! We have the 4 success keys below which will help you to become a short content creator of the next level.

Monitor and use trending hashtags

Following the positive trends on social media is mandatory for content creators to continue growing. Keep an eye on the hashtags that are trending and are often used by other content creators. Popular hashtags indicate the audience’s interest in a particular topic, for example, #2Looks is trending in Pakistan prompting users to upload more videos featuring a couple of distinct looks in their content. Also, #TSAActing is another popular one with regards to a newly launched contest by Likee, which aims to look for Talent Stars.

Usually, you can find trending hashtags on certain pages on social media. For example, you can find videos that are popular on the homepage and hashtags that are popular on the search page of the Likee app. Try not to create content that is irrelevant to the hashtag. The audience will judge your work badly later.

Up to date with the latest editing features and techniques

Apart from hashtags, you also need to be up to date with new editing features and techniques. Short video creation platforms like Likee continue to innovate to make it easier for content creators to create their content creatively. These innovations usually take the form of new features for creating and editing videos. After knowing the new feature, learn about its benefits and turn your creative brain to make something unique from just editing videos. You can learn various video editing techniques from different sources, including discussions with other content creators.

Make friends and support each other with other content creators

In order to continue to become a content creator who develops to the next level, you need to make friends with other people in the same field to have broader insights. You can exchange ideas and various information related to creating unique content that can be presented to the audience. You can even collaborate to create content so that the videos are not monotonous. The results of these collaborations are also a sign that you and other content creators support each other. You indirectly promote other content creators and vice versa. In the end, you can increase your audience.

Be diligent in participating in various programs, contests, and/or challenges

Be diligent in finding out the activities held by the application that could support increasing your popularity. Usually, there will be hashtag challenges or interesting contests on social media platforms that can make you win various prizes. For example, Likee recently held the ‘Likee Teams’ contest where creators in groups of 10 showcased their creativity and the winning team was invited to the popular GNN TV show ‘Taaron Say Karein Batein’ with Fiza Ali. Likee has also initiated #TalentStarAudition where content creators can compete for a chance to win an iPhone X, PKR 160,000 in cash along with a range of other prizes.

The important aspect is not only the prizes but the fact that by participating in existing contests and challenges, you can show talents that are not inferior to others. You will also be more enthusiastic to continue to hone your video editing and content creation skills.

If you feel you want to continue to develop into a content creator, then you can try the tips above. As a content creator, you must be able to develop to provide something new, unique, fresh, and creative to the audience. You have also been facilitated by technological advances in the form of social media platforms that can help you to grow. Likee is one of these platforms that does not hesitate to support your journey towards becoming a content creator.

Likee makes it easy for users to create interesting videos and record memorable moments. It is ranked first in the “Top 10 Breakout Apps” according to App Annie’s 2019 report. In addition, Likee has also ranked sixth in the “Top Apps Overall Worldwide” list in Q1 2020 according to Sensor Tower. Likee allows users to get a unique experience, where they can explore creativity, express themselves, and get the opportunity to communicate with their idols through various challenges. #LikeePerAao and fulfill your dreams of being a social media sensation!

About Likee

Likee is a leading global platform for creating, viewing, and sharing short-form mobile videos. Its superior video editing tools inspire real-life creativity with over 2,000 effects. Likee offers you an opportunity not only to be seen and heard but also to shine. Here you belong to a creative community that never stops making a rainbow of videos and interacting as a family.

Made by Singapore-based BIGO Technology and launched in 2017, Likee has been one of the most popular short-video communities in the world and ranked the fourth most downloaded social media app worldwide according to Sensor Tower in January 2020.