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Python the best programming language

The best programming language to learn depends on various factors such as your career goals, the field you want to work in, and the type of projects you want to build. Some popular and in-demand programming languages in the industry include: Python the best programming language Python: It is a high-level, interpreted language that is easy to learn and is […]

What Is ChatGPT? According to ChatGPT.

I am an artificial intelligence assistant developed by OpenAI. My primary function is to provide information and assistance to users who have questions or need help with tasks. I have been designed to be able to understand and generate human-like text on a wide range of topics, and I can provide information and assistance on a wide variety of subjects. […]

Professions that will be Replaced By AI

It is difficult to predict with certainty which professions will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) in the next 5 years. AI technology is constantly evolving and is being applied to a wide range of fields, so it is possible that some jobs that humans currently perform may be automated or partially automated in the future. However, it is also […]

Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages

Social media platforms are typically accessed through a website or mobile app, and they allow users to create a personal profile, connect with other users, and share various types of content, such as text, photos, and videos. Many social media platforms also have features that allow users to communicate with each other in real-time, such as through private messaging or […]

Top 5 Deepest Oceans in the World

The Pacific Ocean The Pacific Ocean is the deepest ocean on Earth, reaching a maximum depth of 36,000 feet (10,994 meters) at the Mariana Trench. The Mariana Trench is located in the western Pacific Ocean, east of the Mariana Islands. It is the lowest point on Earth and is so deep that if Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, […]

Beaconhouse Organizes Quiz Competition Ubhartay Sitaray

Beaconhouse, Pakistan’s largest network of private educational institutions organized a quiz competition titled ‘Ubhartay Sitaray’ at the Walton Campus. The quiz was based on the general knowledge curriculum for Classes I and II in accordance with the ‘National Curriculum of Pakistan’. It is the first time that Beaconhouse has added an additional school subject in Urdu, which addresses key concepts from […]

Public sector finance profession grapples with multiple challenges

ACCA’s Public Sector Conference looks at the challenges facing thepublic sector and suggests ways forward to transform the sector The public sector needs to respond to multiple global challenges to create a safe, sustainable, and prosperous future that works for all.  ACCA’s virtual public sector conference explored the challenges and the solutions that face public sector financial professionals as they […]

Implementing green budgeting in the public sector is essential to tackling climate change

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) backs green budgeting for the public sector everywhere to implement climate commitments and achieve their environmental goals. In Green budgeting: a toolkit for public sector finance professionals published today, ACCA sets out the reasons for considering green budgeting and the methods that can be adopted. It highlights the crucial role that finance professionals must play […]

ACCA, IFAC release a global guide on public financial management reforms

Professionalisation of the workforce is one of the most important steps in achieving a step change in public sector financial management LAHORE ( Web News ) A new joint guide by ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) released at the World Congress of Accountants (WCOA) aims to boost PFM reforms across the […]

Beaconhouse successfully concludes its 15th School of Tomorrow Conference

Beaconhouse, the country’s largest network of private educational institutions, has successfully wrapped up the 15th edition of its flagship ‘School of Tomorrow’ (SOT) conferences, themed at ‘Guardians of the Future’ today. The three-day conference brimmed with multiple insightful discussions with over 150 global and local thought leaders in education, healthcare, athletics, social and environmental development. Educationists, senior advisors, diplomats, policymakers, […]