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Leh Ladakh Tour A Complete Travel Guide

Leh Ladakh Tour A Complete Travel Guide

Ladakh has been declared as a union territory by the government of India that constitutes a part of the larger Kashmir region. It is situated at an altitude of 11,400 feet, known as the land of high passes with rugged peaks and a mostly barren landscape. The wheatish topographical features contrasted with the clear blue skies make it a wonderful destination with some eye-catching views. Bordered by the Karakoram range of mountains in the north and Himalayas in the South Situated at an altitude of 11.400 feet, it is also known as the land of high passes with jagged peaks and barren landscape. Anyone visiting here gets completely attracted by its picturesque views and ends up in wonderful photography. Leh Ladakh Tour A Complete Travel Guide.

Leh Ladakh Tour: A Complete Travel Guide ZeeWish
Leh Ladakh Tour: A Complete Travel Guide

The Leh Ladakh Tour is an integral part of the Leh Tourism and it covers a duration of 7 days and 6 nights. This Travel destination has made its way on every traveler’s bucket list. It has gradually become a favorite among adventure enthusiasts, bikers, nature lovers and also spiritual seekers. Apart from the beauty of its splendid landscape, Leh Ladakh offers routes, the best places to eat and the best places for accommodation  – even the locals will assist you with their land with pride. Welcoming, charming and firm believers of their faith, the locals in Ladakh belong to different sects. The diverse culture, language, and way of life vary from village to village. Leh Ladakh Tour A Complete Travel Guide.

Let’s check out the complete travel guide to Leh Ladakh:

Day 1: Leh

On the very first day of reaching the destination, it is advisable to take a day’s rest due to the altitude as there can be chances of breathing difficulties. It’s also advisable health-wise to avoid smoking and heavy drinking. It’s best if you rest for a day in order to get acclimated to the weather and not start moving the very day you land.

Day 2: The Magnetic Hill and The Lamayuru Monastery

The next day we headed off to the Magnetic Hill which is to experience the natural phenomenon that defies the law of gravity. Most of the adventure enthusiasts are curious about this specific place midway to Leh. The Lamayuru Monastery, a little monastery next to an abandoned old village, is our next destination. After having lunch we watched the sunset on our way and headed off back to our hotel.

Day 3: Hemis Monastery Museum, Thiksey Monastery, and Shanti Stupa

This is a climb of almost 100 stairs to this monastery to its every worth. The spirituality and meditative prayers, the splendid views, and the turning of the Buddhist prayer wheels add up to the bliss and beauty of the monastery. Thiksey Monastery as a monastery is a part of our itinerary. We sat there for quite some time. It was a peaceful feeling. After lunch, we went to visit the Shanti Stupa where we got a wonderful glimpse of another sunset behind the mountains. At the end of the day, we completed an amazing journey in this beautiful location.

Day 4: Khardung La, Nubra Valley, Hunder

Leh Ladakh Tour: A Complete Travel Guide ZeeWish
Khardung La, Nubra Valley, Hunder

Khardung La is a high-altitude mountain pass, located at an altitude of about 18380 feet above sea level. It is also known as the highest motorable road in the world with the chilly wind blowing around standing on the snowy land with the irresistible cold weather almost throughout the year. The way to Hunder, Nubra Valley, the valley of lovely flowers to go by. Also, the abode of the double-humped camels is rare to find species.  Hunder is a high-altitude desert where we got to stay in tents which are almost like resorts with all the amenities. One can also enjoy starry nights.

Day 5: Pangong Tso Lake

To the pristine beauty and the pride of Ladakh, is the transparent azure waters of the Pangong Tso lake flowing by. On our way back to Leh, we visited this blissful destination for the whole trip. Photography sessions were on for every traveler. The blue sky up above with the changing hues of the lake below makes it all the more beautiful to watch it over during the day leaving you to get mesmerized!!! It was an amazing and adventurous experience to go by. Also, don’t forget to visit the film 3 Idiots shot at Rancho’s school at Leh and take some hilarious photographs with the scooters by the Pangong Lake. Carry a few oxygen portable cans if possible and keep on sipping water.

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