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Fatima Fertilizer celebrates third Kissan Day

Fatima Fertilizer celebrates third Kissan Day

Fatima Fertilizer took its cause of promoting the agriculture of Pakistan and giving tribute to its farmers globally by celebrating the National Farmer Day at the Dubai Expo 2020. The week-long celebrations, aimed at showcasing the rich agricultural heritage of Pakistan and highlighting the importance of farmers for global food security to global visitors at the Pakistan Pavilion of Expo 2020 in Dubai. Fatima Fertilizer celebrates third Kissan Day.

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With the help of Trade Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP), Fatima Fertilizer organized a range of activities, whereby, the entire pavilion was decorated with various agricultural produce from Pakistan, split into two key seasons of Rabi and Khareef. Complete details of Pakistan’s ranking in crops such as cotton, rice, and fruits were shared with the visitors along with delicious deserts from rural Pakistan, which are famous amongst farmers. Traditional pottery from Pakistan was also showcased where visitors could get their names calligraphed on the pottery to keep as special memorabilia.

Fatima Fertilizer celebrates third Kissan Day
Fatima Fertilizer celebrates third Kissan Day

A special cultural show was arranged to showcase all provinces of Pakistan along with their key agricultural produce and national contributions. This cultural show proved to be a major attraction for visitors at the Pakistan Pavilion.

Speaking at the occasion, the CEO of Fatima Fertilizer Mr. Fawad Ahmed Mukhtar highlighted the need for Pakistani companies to actively participate in international forums and aggressively work towards promoting Pakistan’s soft image around the world. He said, “Farmers are the backbone of our nation and Fatima Fertilizer is the first company to have come forward to pay a glowing salute to them by coining 18th December as Kissan Day”.

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National Marketing Manager for Fatima Fertilizer, Ms. Rabel Sadozai, further added that “We have been working tirelessly since the last three years for getting the Farmer Day acknowledged as a national event. Apart from its planned official celebrations with the Government of Pakistan, Dubai Expo is an international forum attracting visitors from more than 180 counties, and thereby, serves as an amazing platform to showcase Pakistan’s key strength, being our brave and hardworking farmers.” The celebration of ‘Kissan Day’ every year serves as a constant reminder about the importance of agriculture for our economic betterment. Sarsabz Fertilizer has long been active in giving due importance and recognition to Pakistan’s underserved farmers in order to curb national food security challenges in the face of constantly increasing population and food demand.

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